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Who are we?

We are a research project funded by the National Institutes of Health, and we are interested in the relation between one’s neighborhood, quality of life, health, and physical activity. We are specifically interested in how important the environment is to the quality of life in seniors so for this study we are only accepting people over the age of 65. This study is unique because it is a collaboration between two different areas of research: health behavior and transportation/urban planning. Our principal investigators are:
  • Dr. Abby King, Professor of epidemiology and medicine at Stanford University

  • Dr. James Sallis, Professor of Psychology at San Diego State University

  • Dr. Lawrence Frank, Professor at the University of British Columbia and President of Lawrence Frank and Company, Inc.

Our two research sites (San Diego and Stanford) have combined efforts to study neighborhoods in two areas: Seattle and King County, WA as well as Maryland and surrounding areas. We are currently working with residents in these cities to learn more about their everyday living environment.

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